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Thomas Lorentz Wood Floor Service Inc. - Montvale, NJ 

Flooring Installation and Hardwood Repairs near Montvale, New Jersey 

Residents of Montvale, New Jersey who are looking for an experienced and professional team of flooring contractors should look no further than Thomas Lorentz Wood Floor Service Inc.. The company is one of the best-known and long-established in the area and is located only a short drive away.

We have a large store in nearby Northvale where clients can choose from a wide selection of floors for their home. The collection includes a classic laminate floor; parquet flooring; oak flooring; and wood laminate. Our technicians relish the opportunity to transform the appearance of property into something more appealing and of greater value.

One feature of our business that sets us apart from our competitors is that we custom make all our stains. The look your floor gets when you choose one of our products is truly personalized, and the pricing policy we operate is fair and affordable.

We also pride ourselves in the careful way we refinish and repair all wood flooring styles, whether it is unfinished, free finished, or engineered. We always prepare and clean up the property, and we guarantee that none of your home furnishings will be affected by the work we do.

Everything we do at Thomas Lorentz Wood Floor Service Inc. is backed by more than 45 years of experience. We are family owned and operated, and we visit homes throughout the area, including nearby Paramus.

The hardwood floors we install for clients are both versatile and durable, and we are proud of the contribution we make to the local community as a responsible and conscientious business.

Thomas Lorentz Wood Floor Service Inc. markets mostly to residential customers but we do occasional jobs for commercial clients. If you need a hardwood floor laid in your property, or damage to your existing floor repaired, then call us anytime at (201) 297-5489.

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